Australia emergency laws for immigrants who can not be deported face challenge – JURIST

A Chinese refugee affected by recent Australian emergency laws subjecting certain refugees to monitoring challenged the laws in Australia’s high court on Wednesday, according to ABC News (Australia). The refugee’s lawyers claim... Read more »

AI hiring tools keeping skilled professional immigrants out of job market

Alice Wang says companies are starting to understand the benefit of vetting AI tools and setting the training data, but they’re doing so from their own internal company perspective. Human Resources Director... Read more »
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Pakistan gives warning for ‘illegal immigrants’ to leave the country before November deadline – JURIST

Pakistan Interim Interior Minister Sarfraz Bugti issued a warning Thursday to “illegal immigrants” living in Pakistan to voluntarily leave the country by November 1 or risk potential arrest and deportation. Bugti said... Read more »

Immigrants’ Rights Clinic Wins Deportation Case – Mills Legal Clinic of Stanford Law School

Kwan Kim, ’20, Mariel Perez-Santiago, ’20, and Derin McLeod, ’20 at San Francisco Immigration Court on the day of their client’s hearing. Ms. D is the primary caretaker of her U.S. citizen... Read more »

Immigrants’ Rights Clinic Client and His Family are Reunited After Over 20 Years – Mills Legal Clinic of Stanford Law School

After more than two decades of separation, Mr. E and his wife are finally reunited with their sons.   Mr. E, a client of the Immigrants’ Rights Clinic, is reunited with his... Read more »

Federal judge strikes down New Jersey ban on detaining immigrants awaiting deportation – JURIST

A federal judge in New Jersey struck down AB 5207 on Tuesday, concluding that New Jersey’s ban on detaining individuals for violating US civil immigration laws is unconstitutional. US District Judge Robert Kirsch... Read more »

Immigrants’ Rights Clinic Students Reflect on First Court Hearing – Mills Legal Clinic of Stanford Law School

Lauryn Bennett, ’24, on Preparing for the Hearing: Ari Berman, ’24, and Lauryn Bennett, ’24, represented a family from Venezuela seeking political asylum. This quarter, my clinic partner and I represented a... Read more »
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