Yemen Houthis say they will not stop attacks on ships in Red Sea despite new naval coalition force – JURIST

Senior Houthi official Mohammed Al-Bukaiti issued a statement Tuesday saying the Houthis would not stop their military operations in the Red Sea unless Israel stops what he referred to as “genocide crimes”... Read more »

Human rights groups file legal challenge to stop UK licenses for Israel weapons exports – JURIST

Legal and human rights groups have filed a legal challenge with the UK’s High Court calling for the government to stop granting licenses for weapons exports to Israel, activists said on Thursday.... Read more »
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India Supreme Court orders states surrounding New Delhi to stop burning crops over high pollution levels – JURIST

India’s Supreme Court ordered on Tuesday officials in the states surrounding New Delhi to prohibit farmers from burning crop residue because the air quality in the area reached hazardous pollution levels this... Read more »

Law Firms Need To Stop Suing Associates For Not Hitting Their Billable Hours

Ed. note: Welcome to our daily feature, Quote of the Day. It is a partner’s job to bring in work. It is an associate’s job to do the level of work appropriate... Read more »

UN calls upon Pakistan to stop planned mass deportation of Afghan nationals – JURIST

The UN human rights experts called upon Pakistan on Tuesday to discontinue their planned deportation of a large number of Afghans from the country. The pressure from human rights groups has increased... Read more »

US DOJ seeks to stop ex-president Trump from delaying trial in classified documents case – JURIST

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) filed a response Monday to a motion from former president Donald Trump’s legal team asking a Florida judge to adjourn the trial date in his classified... Read more »

Work Doesn’t Stop At Billables Anymore — See Also

Even Biglaw Associates Are In The Gig Economy: How many jobs do you have? Look What You Made Him Do: Will Biden have to resort to Taylor Swift? Keyboard Warrior In More... Read more »

Stop Replying. OK, Stop Replying. And On And On — See Also

Not The Brightest Cohort: Generations of Columbia Law grads still don’t get how email chains work. Gibson Dunn Doesn’t Care That Much About Diversity: Nothing says commitment like backing down. Former Biglaw... Read more »

Stop Overworking After Vacation

After a vacation, it can be tempting to double down on work in an attempt to make up for “lost” time, or to try to hurry through the time it takes to... Read more »

Active Shooter Not Enough Reason For UNC Law To Stop Classes – See Also

Active Shooter Not Enough Reason For UNC Law To Stop Classes – See Also – Above the Law Skip to content × Love ATL? Let’s make it official.Sign up for our newsletter.... Read more »
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